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Forge of Destiny Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Ancestor!

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Chapter 50: Ancestor!, Translator: 549690339, Wen Yujing objected.” It’s hard to say. Didn’t you hear? There are more than ten people blocking him. I don’t think it’s that easy to deal with this matter. ‘”‘ They walked out of the gate of No.l Middle School., On the opposite side of the street corner, there were more than a dozen very eye-catching people. Good youths., After all, it was the king who did not see the king, and there were many students watching the show., They stopped and watched from afar., He did not dare to get too close, afraid that when the two big shots fought, he would accidentally get involved., Uncle Chen’s car was parked on the side of the street not far away., Jiang Lingzhi was about to walk over when Wen Yujing suddenly grabbed her wrist.””Don’t leave yet. Let’s wait a little longer. Just take a look…”, Wen Yujing’s eyes lit up, looking extremely excited., Jiang Lingzhi lowered her head and looked at her hand that was holding onto hers. She could only follow her wishes and stop where she was. Li Shunan quickly walked out from the gate of No.l Middle School., That height!, That aura!, That looks!, It had a halo that could blind people., It instantly attracted everyone’s attention., No, the opposite side. The youths had obviously seen him., The people who were squatting or leaning against each other stood up one by one., The streets seemed to have started to burst into flames., The flames of war ignited at the touch of it!, The leader was Qi Liangji, the school bully of the neighboring No. 36 High School. He looked quite masculine and had the aura of a boss. He led a group of underlings over in a mighty manner., Everyone held their breaths, not even daring to breathe loudly., The legendary king did not see the king. This was going to be a tough battle!, Wen Yujing subconsciously tightened her grip on her wrist.””F * Ck. F * ck, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s getting serious!!” Jiang Lingzhi was speechless., Thus, everyone could see such a scene., On both sides of the street were students. A group of rebellious teenagers aggressively walked towards the handsome young man., The students of No.l Middle School could feel the tense atmosphere., Although the legendary transfer student was so awesome, it was still a little difficult for him to take on more than ten people at once., However, the school bully of the school next door was also very bold., He was so arrogant and despotic at the school gate of No.l Middle School., Do you think the teachers of No.l Middle School are just decorations?!, Everyone’s thoughts had yet to settle., The two big shots had already successfully met., One was tall and handsome, while the other was rough and domineering., The two of them stood face to face, their auras colliding. It felt like one of their fists would hit the other’s face in the next second., F * Ck. F * ck, there was killing intent!, Immediately after, the legendary thirty-six Lieutenant Colonel Ba Qi Liang Ji suddenly took a step forward., And then…, Then, she knelt on the ground, hugged his thigh, and cried, “Brother Nan!, Ancestor! You’re finally back. I missed you so much!”, This hoarse shout could be said to be earth-shattering., Every word was heard clearly by everyone., Everyone was speechless., The surroundings were deathly silent., The scene that everyone imagined suddenly turned into a meeting to recognize their ancestors., Was this scene a little too confusing?, The lackeys beside him looked at each other and were obviously stunned. They quickly went over to pull him back. Brother Ji, don’t be like this, Brother Ji.”, “Calm down, there are still people watching.”, It was quite embarrassing for a man to cry in front of so many classmates., Where would the prestige of the thirty-six middle school tyrants go?!, Under everyone’s bewildered gaze, this transfer student finally spoke..

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